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Children's Cartoon Car Glowing Sandals: Anti-Slip Luminous Beach Shoes


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Color: Blue
Shoe size: 20or21

Size Chart available in Product Description - In More Details.

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Vendor: EXXE
Type: brand new
Barcode: 75982013

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    1. Cool luminous shape, flashing when walking, babies prefer to wear it.

    2. Soft elastic soles can disperse the pressure of footsteps and make them more light and stable.

    3. Anti-slip texture sole enhances traction and has a significant anti-slip effect.

    Product Information:
    Upper material: PVC
    Product category: One word mop
    Applicable gender: neutral/both genders
    Pattern: Cartoon
    Suitable seasons: summer, winter, spring, autumn
    Function: Anti slip, wear-resistant
    Colors: 2023 illuminated sports car - blue, 2023 illuminated sports car - black, 2023 illuminated sports car - white, 2023 illuminated sports car - yellow, 2023 illuminated sports car - pink, 2023 regular model - blue (not lit), 2023 regular model - black (not lit)
    Size: 140 in length 13.5cm approximately 20/21, 150 in length 14.5cm approximately 22/23, 160 in length 15.5cm approximately 24/25, 170 in length 16.5cm approximately 26/27, 180 in length 17.5cm approximately 28/29, 190 in length 18.5cm approximately 30/31, 200 in length 19.5cm approximately 32/33, 210 in length 20.5cm approximately 34/35
    Applicable age: children's clothing (1-3 years old), medium children's clothing (7-12 years old), and children's clothing (4-6 years old)

    Packing list:

    1 * pair of slippers