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Multi Purpose & Boning knife


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Color: Black

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    Product Description: Upgrade your culinary skills with the Multi-Purpose 17cm Boning Knife, a versatile kitchen tool designed to streamline your cutting tasks. Crafted from high-quality 4034ZW stainless steel, this knife offers durability and precision for a wide range of kitchen applications. Available in two stylish options, yellow pear handle or ebony handle, this knife combines functionality with elegance to complement any kitchen space.

    With a blade length of 17cm and a tip angle of 60 degrees or more, this boning knife is tailored for precise cutting, making it an excellent choice for various kitchen tasks. Whether you're working with meats, fish, vegetables, or tackling carving and filleting, this multi-purpose knife is up to the challenge. The sharp blade and comfortable handle ensure a seamless cutting experience, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently in the kitchen.

    Key Features:

    • Material: Crafted from durable 4034ZW stainless steel for longevity and precision
    • Handle Options: Available in yellow pear or ebony handle choices for style versatility
    • Blade Length: 17cm for optimal cutting performance
    • Tip Angle: 60 degrees or more, ideal for precision cutting tasks
    • Multi-Purpose Use: Perfect for cutting meats, fish, vegetables, carving, and filleting
    • Efficient Design: Sharp blade and comfortable handle for quick and effective cutting

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