Broken Wire Extractor Screw Removal Tool Set - EX-STOCK CANADA

Broken Wire Extractor Screw Removal Tool Set


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style: A
quantity: 4PCS

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Vendor: EXXE
Type: brand new
Barcode: 00915002

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    Say goodbye to stripped screws and broken wires with this powerhouse of a tool set! This double-headed tool is made from high-speed steel, which means it's tough enough to tackle even the most stubborn and mangled screws. The innovative anti-thread and anti-silk design ensures that no screw is too tough to remove. With this extractor set in your toolbox, you'll be able to extract broken wires, remove stripped screws, and salvage even the most stubborn fasteners with ease. It's like a superhero for broken hardware.

    Product information:

    1. Remove any screws or bolts! (Phillips, Flat, Hex, Painted, etc.)
    2. Durable hardened steel
    3. Fast and easy to use
    4. Suitable for any drill
    5. Remove any peeled screws in 10 seconds or less
    6. It can work even on jagged, uneven or rough cuts
    7. Self-centering tip, no steps
    8. Compatible with quick connect chuck system


    Take out the broken screw in the wood, first drill a wood screw hole, and then use the other head to take the screw.
    If you have ever removed screws or damaged bolt heads, you will know how frustrating this is. Very good, no more. Introduce damaged screws and bolt removers. With the screw remover, you can easily remove any peeled screws in ten seconds or less. You will never slow down or be disappointed by a screw falling off or a bolt breaking. If you can use a drill bit, you can use a screw puller. In fact, this patent process is so effective that it can even be removed. Stubborn mahogany deck screw Even if you break the entire head of the screw or bolt, you can still pull it out without any problem. Made of hardened steel. Durable and reusable. Very suitable for: ..! Entrepreneurs, carpenters, handymen, handymen, great for everyone! Suitable for any screws or bolts of any size! It's that simple, anyone can use it!

    Product information:
    Model: S2 boxed, 4341 boxed
    Material: high speed steel
    Number of kits: 4 sets
    Scope of application: household
    Size: 12
    Specification: 3mm
    Series: Screw Extractor
    A: s2 boxed
    B: 4341 box

    Packing list:
    4 pieces x1

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